After tying the knot last October, the couple said they talked about starting a family. And despite the Coronavirus outbreak, the duo described how it actually made them want to plan their future together.

“Then, of course, with the pandemic happening, there was this huge amount of time of getting to think and rethink what life was going to be about,” Cade told the publication. “So we started trying pretty much at the start of the whole pandemic. It happened pretty quickly. We were expecting it to take a little while, and it seemed like the first try that it happened, so we were just so excited. We were blown away that it worked so quickly. But yes, we were starting to plan on it, for sure.”

Because of the timing, Gabby explained that there have been some pregnancy challenges.

“I have to go to some appointments, unfortunately, without my husband, which is really sad,” she admitted. “But I mean, if that’s what keeps the baby safe, then that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve just been trying to find ways to really work with it because that’s all we can do at this point.”

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