Harrison Ford is spreading the word about the dire need for volunteers in coronavirus vaccine trials. 

In a YouTube PSA titled “My Reason,” Americans of all different backgrounds, ethnicities and professions revealed why they decided to participate in the vaccine research. The reasons ranged from a nurse longing to do more for the medical community to a grocery store worker wanting people to be able to safely get their food.

Finding a safe and effective vaccine is one way experts say the pandemic, which has claimed over 200,000 lives in the United States and affected millions of people, will end. Ford narrates the PSA, which was produced by Skydance Media CEO David Ellison.

While almost 500,000 people have already volunteered, many more are needed. 

“We need to register a million more volunteers to complete the studies that will possibly get a safe and effective vaccine to hundreds of millions of Americans,” Ford explained in the PSA. “The vaccine trial needs millions of Americans of every race, location and medical condition to help in one of the most important endeavors of our lifetime.” 

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