If you’ve spent a good portion of this quarantine watching or rewatching New Girl, you are not alone. 

The Fox comedy ended in May of 2018, and it seems to have found a little resurgence two years later, as fans are rediscovering just how good it was, and even just how prescient it might have been. Nick Miller has even trended on Twitter a time or two in the past few weeks, while Schmidt impressions and cool New Girl-related word art videos have been all the rage on TikTok. 

One TikTok user even discovered that the show might have predicted the pandemic. 

Season seven time jumped three years from 2017 to 2020, and in the first episode, Schmidt can be seen wearing a face mask and telling Nick and Jess that he’s been “bleaching all outdoor playing surfaces,” while Nick later says he has to go wash his hands because he’s been in Europe.

“Did New Girl predict coronavirus?” the fan, who goes by @user29561036183021 on TikTok, asks as the video ends. 

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