SEC commissioner Greg Sankey on Wednesday sent a two-page memo, which was obtained by ESPN, reminding coaches and players to wear masks while on the sideline during games and that “additional action” could be taken if they do not follow the conference’s COVID-19 protocols.

The memo came on the heels of the SEC’s opening weekend of college football last Saturday, during which several coaches could be seen on television broadcasts not wearing their masks on the sideline.

“This past weekend, many fulfilled the requirements established by the Task Force and your commitment to these new requirements are appreciated,” the memo read. “Others, including some head coaches, assistant coaches, support staff and student-athletes need clear reminders of the requirement they fulfill the new health protocols intended to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19.”

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach was often seen without a face covering as his Bulldogs defeated defending champion LSU.

Leach said he tried to remember “the best I could” to wear his mask properly, but he kept pulling it down to call plays.

“I try to do my best with it, but once you’re 6 feet apart, I can’t help but wonder if some of this isn’t an homage to politicians,” Leach told reporters earlier this week.

The memo sent out Wednesday reiterated the SEC’s coronavirus protocols, which state that “all coaches, staff and non-competing student-athletes are required to wear a face mask/neck gaiter on the sideline” and “physical distancing should be employed to the extent possible.”

The memo reiterated that face coverings must be worn properly to cover both the nose and mouth.

“We will continue to monitor games and will take additional action, if necessary, to ensure adherence to the approved Task Force requirements as we all work to maintain a healthy environment for everyone around our games,” the memo said.

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